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Botswana - Elephant Sands

Country: Botswana

Accommodation: Elephant Sands Campground: Canvas dome tent on sand... over elephant tracks.

Date: Oct 14, 2012

Experience Ranking: 10/10, one of the best of my lifetime

My story:

Last night I could hear elephants eating the trees around my tent. This was both amazing and somewhat frightening. There were elephant tracks all over the campsite area before we went to sleep then more fresh tracks in the morning. The elephants hang out where the water runs on to the ground from a pipe behind the showers so there was an elephant watching me shower yesterday, approx. 10-20 meters away from me! That shower is definitely one of my top ranking showers ever.

Botswana is really great, the people here seem a bit more friendly and open than many in South Africa. Though both are nice, Botswana seems to boast a different culture.

I'm tempted to try to describe how amazing it was to stay at Elephant Sands campground but it's difficult to find words to express how truly amazing it was there. The elephants are all over and so close! They are wild elephants who come in because there is fresh water for them. I took MANY pictures! Just phenomenal.

This morning I got up extra early to go on an optional game drive. I'm not going to waste time sleeping when I could be cruising around checking out animals! It was an excellent game drive though we didn't see any cat's. Saw many more elephants, including some babies! They estimated the one to be about 6 days old. It was so cute! They're so funny when they run with their floppy ears while they still seem to be fine tuning their coordination. Unfortunately we also saw a few elephants who had died from dehydration. It was sad to see and prompted the debate of if the government of Botswana or another organization should be doing more to provide drinking water for the elephants and other animals. In my opinion, it's sometimes difficult to determine if human interference is of more help or harm when it comes to wild animals. For the elephants, it sounds as though there may be serious population declines and many more deaths due to dehydration if something is not done. Drink that in, it's certainly something to put some thought into. I'd love to get some opinions or shared knowledge on this.

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